Email your Marketing Materials to Potential Clients using Our "Email2Clients" App and our Emailing Service.

EM2Clients Marketing
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This Application (EM2Clients.ods) and service (IE: ) was developed by Al Forster of AVFConsulting, LLC, cc 2016. ver 0.97

View the Video above to see how we do it. Go to the Demo Page by clicking on the "Window Shutter" at the upper right corner of this web page to download a demo version of the App and a PDF Flyer of our Pricing structure.

We charge $40 per month for a subscription that allows you to send out Email Marketing Info to up to 4,000 Blind Copy Emails per month or if your monthly mailings are not consistent, 48,000 emails per year. A discount of over 16% is given if you pay for 1 year in advance.

Compare this application and service to the Constant Contacts service ($90/Mo-$60/Mo if 1 yr paid in advance). Using our 'EM2Client.ods' app, You enter Subject Line, Body Text, Senders Email Address and Attachment Name (x.pcn, x.jpg, x.pdf, etc.).
Paste your Client Email List into Column D, below the entry point. If your Email Service provider has a Max Blind Copy Group Size, enter that in Cell B17. Otherwise use 100 for the Max BC Value.

Click the 'EM2Client' Button to BC Email to all your potential customers in Emails limited to the 'Max BC Group Size' number. If you try a free Email Service like Google or Hotmail, keep in mind that you are limited to 500 Emails per Day.

----DISCLAIMER: The user has agreed to the following terms and conditions. --This application or subscription document is provided as is, without guarantee or warrantee of any kind.

There is no guarantee of future performance of the Internet using this product. The user of this application or subscription agrees to use this product for their own personal use, and not to redistribute this Application in any way, as is, condensed or in modified form.
Please keep in mind all of your mail messages must be fully CANSPAM compliant and cannot be considered SPAM/UCE. We have a zero tolerance policy towards SPAM/UCE, and will Cancel your BC Email Subscription if we detect otherwise.

On a Microsoft Windows Platform, This App and Service use the free to download and use, Apache OpenOffice Calc and Modzilla Thunderbird Email Client.
On an Apple Macintosh Platform, This App and Service use the free to download and use, Apache OpenOffice Calc and Apple's Email Client. You are provided an Email address through our Service that is hosted by

For our offered email service, there is a limit to 249 Blind Copy Email Addresses that can be included in each email message sent to the server and a 500 email address send limit per hour imposed by the Server Provider. The "EM2Client.ods" App that we provide can be tuned to your Email Service Provider's Limit Restrictions.

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